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Hello from the most beautiful city in the world, we can not help but love to show our clients a true South African experience as we get to call this home as we embark on our Celebration Concierge offering. 

Cape Town is the perfect destination wedding, event and celebration location, from city to beach to the wide-open winelands to safari experiences we have it all. 

As a proudly Cape Town Tourism member and based in Cape Town, we love specializing in all things local, all our itineraries designed with personal attention to detail for both our inbound and outbound private clients and groups.

Working hand in hand with our transfer partners and experienced local guides who will ensure the safety and security of all your guests when visiting Cape Town.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful city we get to call home.


We have a saying here in South Africa called #localislekker this means that we need to enjoy playing tourists too but what it really means is that as locals we need to embrace our city and our culture and enjoy it.

These are a few of our top-rated places to eat, things to do and of course my favorite local recommendations to experience. 

Before visiting Cape Town please be sure to book our concierge services. 


Below is a general overview of our Cape Town based Concierge Services, but nothing is ever to much and our assistance always goes way beyond our clients wishes.

Tours + Restaurant

Local Cape Town offerings such as tour and restaurant bookings are gratuity based at your own discretion but range between 15 and 25% for clients that truly value our services.

Villa Stocking + Shopping

One of our favourite past times is shopping and our villa stocking and grocery shopping service is definitely something we love to do however this service incurs a 20% charge including delivery


All our travel and accomodation bookings are inclusive based, excluding wedding venue accomodation packages which are included in our wedding management fee.

cape town tourism



Pick up a Cape Town tourism guide at your nearest info desk or tourism office for all things Cape Town or visit their website for a great interactive map and itineraries.

*Please note our membership is currently on hold due to economic climate in Cape Town.

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